In the area you have selected (Algeria) volcanic hazard is classified as very low according to the information that is currently available. This means that no eruption has been reported in this area. Based on this information, the impact of volcanic eruption need not be considered in different phases of the project. Although the hazard is considered to be very low or non-existent in the project location based on the information available in ThinkHazard!, additional information may show some level of hazard. If local or additional information sources suggest that there is volcanic hazard, follow the recommendations below and seek expert guidance on additional recommended actions.


  • REGULATIONS: Check with local authorities for any local regulations concerning volcanic hazards. Ensure that the project conforms to 1) any applicable volcanic hazard land use planning regulations; 2) any existing plans for warning and evacuation; and 3) any national laws, regulations and rules. More information
  • IMPACT FAR FROM HAZARD SOURCE: Consider the effects of volcanic ashfall and gases on the project. These hazards are the most far-reaching of the volcanic hazards and can affect areas hundreds or even thousands of kilometers downwind of volcanoes. More information
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